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Hi, I am Mike, and I am a recovering accountant on a spiritual quest for good mental health and peace of mind.

Like many people, I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. As society learns and understands more about mental health issues, treatments are more available to those who seek it.

Most people believe medications and talk therapy are the gold standard for treatment, but these treatments might not be sufficient to get you all the way to the good mental health that you desire and deserve.

The truth is:

Ancient practices and traditions can provide supplemental relief to the symptoms of anxiety and depression, by leveling up your mind. This is the key to good mental health!

My mission is to research, learn, and test these ancient ways and practices to find ones that work for us. I will do the work so that you don't have to.

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We donate 5% of all profits to military outreach and veterans organizations.

My mission is to provide supplemental treatments for anxiety & depression, so that you can achieve good mental health & spiritual freedom.


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