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I Would Like to Give You Five Products Valued at $1,070 For FREE


Mike Guarneri

Long Island, New York

Thursday, 10:31 AM

Dear Friend,

Mike Guarneri here, author of Anxiety Alchemy.

I would like to start off by telling you one thing.

And that is...



Yes, I value you.

You are a kindred spirit. You're the type of person who's interested in treating mental health issues the natural way, the old way—the best way.

My purpose is to serve YOU, and my goal is to upgrade your life by providing you tools to achieve better mental health, getting you results—without using only traditional drugs and talk therapy.


I wrote the Anxiety Alchemy book to help people achieve happiness, peace of mind, and good mental health. It is the secret to the success in treating anxiety that I want for YOU.

It's the thing responsible for helping me treat my modern persistent anxiety with ancient wisdom.

My purpose is to serve you in the most effective way possible. Which is why I want to "share with you" my discoveries and systems applying knowledge from long ago with today's mental health afflictions.

My goal, simply put—

Is to minimize the time it takes for you to achieve happiness, peace of mind, and good mental health. I want to get you results as quickly as possible without using only medications!

For this reason, I am (with your permission) going to give you a special gift.


A $500 Value (Yours-For-Free)

In just a moment, you will have access to this course, for free, forever.

Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101 contains content that will greatly complement the book.

In the masterclass, I show you the following:

  • How I would address my persistent anxiety if I were to start over from scratch.

  • ​How you should approach and apply the Anxiety Alchemy System.

  • My flexible process for applying each operation of Alchemy as described in the book.

And the best part...


In sum, the Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101 will equip you with the system and tools necessary for you to treat your persistent anxiety with a system based on ancient wisdom.

Seeing an up-close and personal look will demystify anything you find confusing. As a result, it will accelerate your transformation in achieving happiness, peace of mind, and good mental health.

Now... You may be wondering why I'm giving you this video course for free (after all, there are "Mental Health Gurus" out there who charge thousands of dollars for their video courses).

The answer to why I'm giving this away for free is simple...


I'm giving you the Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101 as a shameless bribe for saying "maybe" to my physical monthly newsletter, The Mike Guarneri Letter.

Here's the deal: If you agree to a 1-month free trial of The Mike Guarneri Letter (which is life-changing, and I'll tell you about it in a moment), then—

I will give you the Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101 completely free.

And there are no strings attached.

Here's what I mean: If you decide to cancel your 1-month free trial of The Mike Guarneri Letter—at any time—you still get to keep access to the Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101 video course.

In fact, I am so convinced The Mike Guarneri Letter will transform your mental health (and life) that I've decided to "go all out" in enticing you to try it. For this reason, I've assembled four more free gifts you also get to keep (even if you decide to cancel your 1-month trial subscription to my physical monthly newsletter).

You will also receive the following free gifts...


Guided Meditations from the Book

MP3 Audio Files (A $50 Value!)

If I have any regrets about my 69-page Anxiety Alchemy book, it is this: the written meditations.

Don't get me wrong, the meditations are a key component of the Anxiety Alchemy System, but how are you to read and perform the meditations at the same time with good effect?

Sure, you could record them yourself and then play back the audio.

But, I am going to do you one better.

With your trial subscription to the Mike Guarneri Letter, you will receive guided mp3 audio recordings of each and every meditation in the Anxiety Alchemy book!

And these guided meditations are not available anywhere else.


Access To The Monthly Alchemy Community Call With Mike Guarneri

(A $250 Value!)

Whether you realize it or not, we are a community. Both anxiety sufferers and loved ones alike.

In addition to the online community I will be providing to my newsletter subscribers, I will be providing a biweekly 60 minute group call facilitated by myself.

It will be a regular opportunity to ask questions, share successes, and compare notes with your fellow community members.

Some may call this a support group call, but it is really so much more. I envision it as a group mental health advancement call.


10 Celtic Practices to Level Up Your Mind and Relieve Anxiety & Depression E-book

(A $20 Value!)

10 Celtic practices is a transformative 52-page e-book that serves as the perfect companion to Anxiety Alchemy.

During my quest for ancient Celtic wisdom that may provide relief from anxiety and depression, I learned of the ten practices described in my book and tested them out myself.

The interesting thing is the sources of these practices.

You see, the Celtic society and especially the Druids did not keep written records. They were an oral society.

The source of these practices is the Catholic Monks!

During the transition period from paganism to Christianity, the monks adopted and wrote down the Celtic practices they most valued.

This evolved into what is known as Celtic Christianity.


1-on-1 Private Coaching Call with Mike Guarneri (30 minutes)

(A $250 Value!)

This is your chance to have 30 minutes of my undivided attention. It's all about you.

Perhaps you have questions about the Anxiety Alchemy System.

Or maybe you need advice how to implement the System to your specific circumstances.

Whatever you would like to discuss to move you in a positive direction toward good mental health is fair game.

I can't wait to get to know you!

Together, we will work efficiently and smartly to reach our mental health and our life goals.


OK, that's all you get.

To sum things up, I'm giving you the five products I detailed above FOR FREE.

Here's a screenshot of everything:

You get...

  1. Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101  (10-part video course) - $500 Value

  2. Guided Meditations from the Book - $50 Value

  3. Access to the Monthly Alchemy Community Call with Mike Guarneri - $250 Value

  4. 10 Celtic Practices to Level Up Your Mind and Relieve Anxiety & Depression (a 52-page eBook) - $20 Value

  5. 1-on-1 Private Coaching Call with Mike Guarneri (30 minutes)- $250 Value

I am giving you instant access to all five of these products—for free—just for saying "maybe" to my life-changing physical monthly newsletter, The Mike Guarneri Letter.

Why am I offering such an insane deal? (I mean, after all, the Anxiety Alchemy System Master Class 101 itself is a tremendous value).

So why am I giving you all of this?!

Two years ago, I suffered from a mental breakdown. Or to be more precise, it was an extreme panic attack.

I hated my job and was completely miserable.

It seemed like there was no hope, so I sought professional help.

As a result, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression.

Anxiety and depression are not illnesses from which you can just recover.

They are conditions that may last a lifetime. They are conditions you need to learn how to manage.

And there are no guarantees. Sometimes traditional medications and talk therapy treatments just are not enough for one to achieve good mental health!

I was even more depressed by this reality.

The thing I realized was that being depressed and passive wasn't going to solve anything. I needed to take action!

I then commenced my exercise of seeking times and places when I experienced good mental health from which to draw.

I found that place and my mentor. You will learn about it when you read the book.

But another thing I recalled, from my teenage years, was the thrill of receiving newsletters in the mail.


Back in the strange old days of the 1980's, there was no instant gratification from the internet or mobile phones.

So it became a game of great patience to receive news from the outside world about things I was interested in.

When I knew it was about time to receive my next issue of whatever newsletter, my anticipation grew. What would it contain? What would I learn about?

If there was any chance of a newsletter arriving on a particular day, I would go right home after school to check the mail.

The thing is, what constituted a newsletter?

The "newsletters" I am referring to may be considered by many to be periodicals or newspapers.

A couple of the newsletters I received were Inside Pitch (about the NY Mets and their farm system) and Metal Edge (about heavy metal bands).

To me these were newsletters.

They provided me with information I cared about. They spoke to my soul. I internalized every word, sometimes reading three or four times.

You may be asking why I think of these as newsletters.

I did receive magazines and more traditional periodicals. Those went directly to a pile on my desk to be read eventually (maybe).

But things like Inside Pitch and Metal Edge were so much more.

As soon as they arrived, I would read through them cover to cover. It didn't matter what else I needed to do. I read those things inside and out!

Hell, you probably could have tested me on the content.

So, these were newsletters to me. They spoke directly to me. They knew what I wanted, and they gave it to me.

It was like they were written specifically for me.

Which is why...


I think I know what you want, and will understand more so once the community gets going.

I intend to give you what you want, what you need, in each and every newsletter.

The Mike Guarneri Letter will feel like I wrote it just for you!

Remember, I value you!

Make no bones about it, the newsletter is also about something many people don't understand: what suffering from mental health issues feels like.

You see, here's a question of truth about mental health treatments:

How does somebody who never experienced a mental health issue provide effective treatment?!

Yes, doctors and therapists can be great, but if they have never experienced mental health issues, they cannot fully understand.

Their treatments may never be what they need to be. And their empathy may be lacking. It's nothing against these people. I am happy if they have not experienced poor mental health.

But, I am somebody who has walked in your shoes. I know and have felt the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression.

Guess what?

You can have both treatments!

You can not only have doctors with medications and talk therapy, but you can also have someone like me.

I'm going to help you the way I wished somebody would have helped me.

Maybe you never considered an out of the box source of treatments like ancient wisdom.

But why not try. I think it will bring you closer to your ideal mental health.

Every issue of The Mike Guarneri Letter is designed to bring you one step closer to this ideal.

Listen up: Even if you think you have your metal health issues under control, why not have one more tool at your disposal.

Maybe you have a friend or loved one who may benefit from what you learn in The Mike Guarneri Letter.

Achieving happiness, peace of mind, and good mental health are within your reach. For this reason, it's important for you to give The Mike Guarneri Letter a chance.

By saying "maybe" to The Mike Guarneri Letter, and saying yes to a 1-month trial, you will get the five (insane) free gifts I outlined.

If you cancel your free trial——which I'm sure you won't——you still keep all five products for free!

Every month, sent via physical mail to your doorstep, will be a letter from yours truly.

The letter will pull back the curtain on alternative anxiety and depression treatments.


Each issue of The Mike Guarneri Letter contains the latest and greatest material that you can immediately apply to your life.

Topics include:

  • Detailed instructions and walkthroughs for implementing my systems (such as the Detailed Anxiety Alchemy Method for the Anxiety Alchemy System.)

  • My latest "hacks" for naturally treating anxiety and depression.

  • Exercises for you to try out and test.

  • ​My latest research and testing for providing you with addition alternative mental health treatments.

  • Learn Mike's latest and greatest mental health regimen.

  • How you can prove to yourself that out of the box ideas do not necessarily mean "woo-woo," but in what Mike presents mean "woo-hoo."

  • How Mike makes the mental health treatment sausage.

  • Answers to questions you have sent in.

  • Success stories from other subscribers like yourself.

  • Enlightening monthly homework (optional).

These are but a few of the topics that I cover in The Mike Guarneri Letter.


Every month you can count on one thing: I pour my heart and soul into each issue of the newsletter. I share everything I've discovered about alternative mental health treatments rooted in ancient wisdom.

You'll hear about the lessons I've had to learn the hard way.

You'll learn about the things I wish I'd learned earlier.

You're going to get a behind-the-curtains personal look into my daily life. I share with you what's working with my mental health treatments, my plans, my future writing, and my life!

That way, you can learn from my example and apply these gems of wisdom to your own life.

Listen: I don't take my commitment to you lightly. I have a great responsibility to you every time I write The Mike Guarneri Letter.

That is why I write the truth to you and am as transparent as possible. In each issue, I give a little piece of my life.

That, my friend, is my commitment to you. It's me writing to you one-on-one every single month. It's me writing to you as your teacher, your mentor, and your guide.

I want you to be happy.

I want you to have peace of mind.

I want you to achieve the tranquility of good mental health.

Heck, I may want all of this for you even more than you want it for yourself!——and that's fine.

That's why I'm here.


Every month, you will experience the excitement of my newsletter arriving on your doorstep. You will look forward to that time when you get to rip open a fresh new issue, sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, and unplug from digital distractions.

On top of this, the information that I provide to you will likely not be found elsewhere.

The look and feel of The Mike Guarneri Letter is precisely that of the very best old-school classic newsletters.

I know this letter will transform your life.

To recap——

By saying "maybe" to The Mike Guarneri Letter, you will get the following five products for free:

  1. Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101  (10-part video course) - $500 Value

  2. Guided Meditations from the Book - $50 Value

  3. Access to the Monthly Alchemy Community Call with Mike Guarneri - $250 Value

  4. ​10 Celtic Practices to Level Up Your Mind and Relieve Anxiety & Depression (a 52-page eBook) - $20 Value

  5. 1-on 1 Private Coaching Call with Mike Guarneri (30 minutes) - $250 Value

You get all of this, for free, with a 1-month trial of The Mike Guarneri Letter.

The regular price of a subscription is $48.00/mo., however, I'm giving you a 1-month trial of it for free. Your first issue will be shipped on the 1st of the month.

All I ask is that you cover the shipping & materials cost of $9.95 for the first issue today.

And remember: If you are unsatisfied——for any reason——you can cancel your subscription instantly (and still keep all five products for free).

Sound good?


Whew... I've written a lot.

Anyway, here's a summary of everything you get...

Get All Five Gifts For Free, Plus a Free 1-Month Trial of The Mike Guarneri Letter

  • Anxiety Alchemy Masterclass 101  (10-part video course) - $500 Value

  • Guided Meditations from the Book (mp3 audio) - $50 Value

  • Access to the Monthly Alchemy Community Call with Mike Guarneri (60 minute sessions) - $250 Value

  • 10 Celtic Practices to Level Up Your Mind and Relieve Anxiety & Depression (a 52-page eBook) - $20 Value

  • ​1-on-1 Private Coaching Call with Mike Guarneri (30 Minutes) - $250 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $1,070.00

You Pay...

Just $9.95!

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You will receive an email with instant access to all five products.

You will also receive a FREE 1-month trial of The Mike Guarneri Letter, an ink-and-paper publication shipped on the 1st day of each month. All I ask is that you pay the shipping & materials cost of $9.95 for your first issue today.

After your free 1-month trial of The Mike Guarneri Letter ends, your subscription will proceed automatically at its regular price of $48/month.

You can cancel at any time and still keep all five products for free.

Get ready to improve your mental health!

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When will I receive the newsletter?

Each issue of The Mike Guarneri Letter is sent to the print shop on the first business day of the month.

For instance, if you started your trial on July 15th, your first issue will be sent to the print shop on August 1st (assuming August 1st is a business day).

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If I cancel can I resubscribe later on?

No. I only want those who are committed for the long haul. Listen, I am dedicating my life to making this the most life-changing letter you'll ever read. Each issue contains material that builds off the previous issue. This is why it's important for you to stick with it for the long haul. I am certain your mental health and life will be transformed by subscribing to this letter. If you are not willing to commit to better mental health, then I'm not for you. Sorry.

Why $9.95?

This covers the cost of shipping and materials. I don't skimp out on quality. The type of paper I use is thick 60 lb opaque paper.

What happens if you increase the subscription price?

Don't worry; the price you get in at today is what you'll pay forever. You're "grandfathered in," as they say.

Do you offer any refunds?

No, that defeats the purpose of having a free trial. The reason I offer a 1-month free trial is to give you a taste of what you'll get. Still, if you're unhappy, I'm unhappy!——which is why you can cancel your subscription anytime by phone, email, or heck——even by writing to my office. Full contact details are found below.

How many sessions do I have access to the monthly community calls?

You will have access to the monthly calls for as long as you are a subscriber of the Mike Guarneri Letter.

Any other questions?


Great. You know what to do.